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Blogger General Questions

x3Is blogger outreach an ethical way to build links?

Yes, According to the updated Google Algorithm creating and building natural backlinks is highly recommended. Blogs are a great way to share the content which is why Google favours them as they want their search results to be as human-friendly as possible.


x3Does your blogger outreach packages allow for multiple domains?

Yes. Let say if you have ordered the 10 blog placements package you can either use that for 10 placements for the same website or for 10 different websites.


x3Who will write the content?

We have a team of highly skilled specialized content writers. They create content which is best suited for your website as well as for the placements.


x3How links are placed?

Our content team beautifully incorporates your links within the flow of the content along with other useful non competing links to further solidify the natural aspect of the content.


x3What happens if you can’t find any relevant websites?

If in any case there would be a problem with your niche we will let you know as soon we review your order and provide a full refund.


x3How many emails are recommended per keyword for better search engine rankings?

200 emails are recommended per keyword for better search engine rankings. But the result may vary according to the competitiveness of the keyword.

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