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Is Your SEO Campaign Effective ?

Site competitors yearn for top positions in the Google’s search result pages and one of the most effective strategy they use is the SEO, without which a website literally has no existence no matter how good it is !

A search engine optimization (or SEO) campaign involves the continuous configuration and manipulation of key aspects of a website, such as – Content Building, Keyword Research, Link Building, On and Off Page Optimization etc.

It’s a great result-driven marketing technique, provided you invest in it wisely and with thorough research and planning.

Simply put, a successful SEO campaign means more traffic, more visibility and more revenue !

SEO Whitehat

Having said that, most of the business owners either don’t understand the concept or don’t have the time to invest in it. So they eventually bargain it out to the companies offering cheap SEO consultation without bothering to check back for the desired results.

And the realization strikes hard when they are nowhere on the SERPs.

So what is an Effective SEO Campaign and how do you make it work ?


Well, we know that the digital marketing is volatile and it would need constant rework. So it is always best to do a market analysis first, as it gives a clearer picture of what works and what you need to do.

Make a Plan – Define your budget, goals and metrics. Identify the path you need to take and check the ways you will measure and track the success/ failure rate.

Know your website. The content and the overall design of your website, which market segment does your website belong to, who are your target audiences, how and what benefits are you offering to them.

Know your competitors too as they are your best inspirations. Browse through their websites and improvise on their techniques. And then,

Start your SEO Campaign

successful SEO campaign

Perform keyword research. Go beyond the obvious ones but relevant to your site. Think of the words or phrases your audience would use to search on Google, for the products you sell.

Analyze and select the best keyword phrases generating more volume from the targeted traffic, and less from the competition.

Perform the on-page SEO on your site. It’s important to regularly post and update your site with relevant and quality content while focusing on keyword density and length. Ensure to optimize all titles tags, meta description tags, image alt text or alt tags, broken internal or external links.

Most importantly, cater to the audiences’ search queries and keep them engaged through your website. Attempt to build the much needed trust using your site content.

Perform the off-page SEO as well. Make yourself visible through advertisements and posting content on the social media platforms. Take part in the HQ discussion boards.

Go ahead and connect with the other websites through outreach. You can opt for guest blogging, bloggers review, posting a blog comment, creating and sharing relevant articles or infographics; practically anything legitimate that can help you generate backlinks for your site.

The basics of any SEO campaign remains the same, though the finer intricacies depend upon the uniqueness of each site. Also don’t expect an overnight success since it takes a while to move up the SERPs. The SEO efforts that you put in is totally worth for a bigger win !

Now what do you think – Is Your SEO Campaign Effective ? Would you like to share some of your best SEO practices with us?

by Divya Dube

Divya Dube is an ecommerce seo subject writer at www.outreachlinkbuilding.com. She loves to research and is an avid reader of technology, psychology and fiction. She is also a gadget freak, a traveller, loves chocolates & music and has an immense passion for writing.

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